Allen Family Cemetery

Allen Family Cemetery, surveyed July 2007 by Laverne Hammock Tornow, Helen Dale Bass Keeling. Photographed by William Corbett in 2008. Contributed by Laverne Hammock Tornow, 2011.

About the Cemetery

This cemetery is on what was the Allen Family Farm and contains the graves of the Allen family with the exception of Shirley Barksdale and Rev. Simmons.  Mrs. Barksdale owned the farm last before it became a County Park and Rev. Simmons was a family friend and the minister to the Allen Family.  This cemetery is no longer active. Other family members are interred in the Mt. Horeb Cemetery in Pinetta.

Driving Directions

From US 90 in Madison, go 10 miles north on SR 145 (Colin Kelly Hwy) to Pinetta, turn west on Captain Buie Road,  go 8/10 mile. On the north side of road will be a gate, follow this road 4/10 mile to the house on the right, then through another gate and go 6/10 mile. There will be a split in the road. Turn left, the cemetery is about 1/10 mile.

Cemetery Survey

Last Name First Name Born Date  Died Date Notes
Allen  Charlotte W.  September 2, 1833  November 16, 1869 wife of William M. Allen, mother of Georgia Sullivan, Levi, Sara, Warren, Laura Corbett, William F.; daughter of Noah and Keziah Williams; great great grandmother of Laverne Tornow.
Allen  Levi Owen  May 6,1863  March 24, 1870 son of Charlotte and William Allen
Allen  Louisiana A. Scott  September 5, 1855  March 7, 1898 first wife of William Francis Allen
Allen  M. Gertrude  January 3, 1893  March 8,1922 dauhghter of William F. and Louisianna Scott Allen
Allen  Martha Phillips  November 24, 1869  November 10, 1938 second wife of William Francis Allen
Allen  Rubie M.  July 20, 1906 November 19, 1907 daughter of William F.and Martha Phillips Allen
Allen  Sara M.  September 5, 1866  August 5, 1882 daughter of William M.and Charlotte Allen
Allen  Walter H.  November 3, 1888  June 28, 1923 son of William F. Allen
Allen  Warren A.  January 8, 1852  December 20,1866 Middle name Alonzo, son of Charlotte and William Allen
Allen  William F.  February 12, 1849  June 22, 1925 son of Charlotte and William Allen
Allen  William M.  July 13, 1814  March 10, 1879 middle name Madison, husband of Charlotte Williams Allen, son of Ransford Allen and Rachel Babcock Allen. William was born in Westfield, Hampden Co., MA; great great grandfather of Laverne Hammock Tornow
Allen  William R.  March 10, 1890  September 4, 1893 son of William F. and Martha Phillips Allen
Barksdale  Shirley Ann Bacigalupo  December 13,1925 September 28, 1994 no relation to the family, owned the farm at time of her death
Corbett  L. N.  1865 1900 Name: Louis Nash, husband of Laura J. Allen
Corbett  Laura J.   1860 1896 daughter of William M.and Charlotte Allen; wife of L. N. Corbett
Simmons  Rev. J. J.  May 28, 1858  August 13, 1922 Family friend and minister
Sullivan  Georgia Allen  October 6, 1853  January 26, 1931 daughter of William M.and Charlotte Allen, second wife of C.J. Sullivan (divorced), mother of Emma Sullivan Hammock Keeling and Ola Sullivan Hammock, grandmother of Wilson Hammock, great grandmother of Laverne Hammock Tornow

Updated: 13 Jun 2011